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It's been 80 years since the space shuttle was lifted into space and exploded in midair. Ever since then there has been a crisis all around the world. Present day there's a small group of want-to-be gamers that find a little space shuttle in their backyard. Now you must go to space to find out secrets that your not supposed to know and try not to get killed. "And remember if someone in the Nuclear Nausea crew dies they can just buy another one so be safe". There's are four crew members you guys call yourself's "The Kings of Awesome!" "aka Nuclear Nausea" *better name.* You guys infiltrate the N.A Space Shuttle that's all the way in the R.R.E.C Universe 79 Galaxy. All that lingers is dark space. In the old space shuttle there are creatures of old that are figments of themselves that lived a long time ago

2895 - 3089

(The Beginning of leaving our Universe)

Dr. Edward Tolkien woke up from a nightmare that he keep having the last six weeks. One night he woke up from a nightmare and said to him self "I can do it!" so he began to build a space shuttle. Not much is known why he began to build such a thing but he was a mad scientist so it can be anything. In the year 2999 the year of his death he showed it off to the R.R.E.C Government of Defense. They loved the idea...they loved it too much. The geometry was too well done so they ordered an assassin to kill him. Dr. Edward Tolkien was killed on 2999 but his evil brain takes the form of him current day. In 3089 the government finally took his idea and explored new Universes and Galaxies

3576 - 3579

(Our Enemies are rising)

Ever since Dr.Tolkien died the R.R.E.C Government of Defense started launching shuttles in to space. But one day a shuttle blew up in the sky that caused a crisis around the world. One day an UFO picked up pieces and flew off. A year later they came back and destroyed half of our cites.

Install instructions

If the game is having problems just write a note in the coments.


NuclearNauseaTheGame - Prototype Demo (250 bytes)
SideScrollerExampleMap.umap (19 MB)


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