A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a depressed cat that has no family that summons a demon called Hecate. She gives you powers and you must know how to control it all. On your adventure you will meet friends along the way and defeat the evil that is Hecate and explore the psychological world of RED LION.

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Published 224 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date in 1 year
GenreRole Playing

Install instructions


(-Nobody can actually get killed because scratch and don't press on two sprites at the same time you will get a mess-)

Press A to kill

Press SPACE to do something???

Press Z for Story Mode

Press Down Arrow to Fly

And Up Arrow to move

And theirs a hint on the players body???

Press on the player to get some words out of him!

Press Right Arrow to enter name???

If you wan't to hear more from the player try L

Press on the Villain to began fight

Press M to access Custom Cutscene

Press K to make Hecate move

Press Q to move

Press N to end Update 2.0

Press E to go to the Credits


RED LION Full Game.sb2 (45 MB)
RED LION Full Game Story Mode Missions (42 MB)
RED LION Demo (5 MB)
RED LION v.1.1 (30 MB)